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Uptime Institute Extends Professional Curriculum for Engineering & Facilities Management Career Advancement, Adds New Accreditations for Management & Operations

Provides New Professional and Expert Classifications to Educational Roster
Along with Advanced Seminars for Ongoing Career Development Opportunities

Seattle, WA – December 6, 2016Uptime Institute today announced new career advancement opportunities specifically for data center professionals aligned to the globally recognized Tier Classification System. The new curricula led by senior faculty, results in professional designations respected throughout the industry. The additions include the Accredited Operations Specialist (AOS), an educational course curriculum designed to achieve a complete understanding of the concepts and criteria to develop a comprehensive world class Management and Operations program for a critical facility. The course expansion extends to the well-established Accredited Tier Specialist (ATS) and Accredited Tier Designer (ATD), adding the new Professional and Expert designations to current course offerings.

“Working in critical facilities requires constant vigilance and attention to detail. Our customers have told us that they want to continue to learn and grow, they understand that this is a field of constant innovation and development, and we are excited to provide new paths to career advancement based on our Tier Classification System,” said Lee Kirby, President of Uptime Institute. “Adding the Accredited Operations Specialist (AOS) designation is our next step in the growth of our fast-growing Management & Operations Stamp of Approval program offering, and the further extension of the Operational Sustainability offering which teaches the processes and knowledge required to implement industry-recognized behaviors that drive critical facility excellence.”

The Uptime Institute curriculum provides courses for a variety of job functions. The Accredited Tier Designer series of courses (ATD) is a technically focused curriculum for individuals responsible for data center design. The Accredited Tier Specialist (ATS) provides instruction for individuals responsible for data center uptime. Along with the new AOS course offerings, accreditation has extended beyond the specialist designations to include Professional and Expert to provide a vehicle for longer term career advancement opportunities. Information on how to attain the Professional and Expert designations may be found on the Uptime Institute website.

New Advanced Development Track:
Uptime Institute is also adding new Advanced Seminars to further enhance the abilities of data center professionals to achieve further credentials and explore new educational content. These Advanced Seminars can be applied to the Professional and Expert requirements.

The following Advanced Seminars will be offered in early 2017:

  • Advanced Electrical Solutions & Tiers
  • Advanced Mechanical Solutions & Tiers
  • Advanced Principles in Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Advanced Practices in Data Center Cost Management

(Note: additional seminar courses and new content are planned for the latter part of 2017)

All Uptime Institute one-day, in-person seminars provide focused in-depth reviews on topics that are key to growth and development, taught by senior Uptime Institute staff.

About Uptime Institute
Uptime Institute is an unbiased advisory organization focused on improving the performance, efficiency, and reliability of business critical infrastructure through innovation, collaboration, and independent certifications. Uptime Institute serves all stakeholders responsible for IT service availability through industry leading standards, education, peer-to-peer networking, consulting, and award programs delivered to enterprise organizations and third-party operators, manufacturers, and providers. Uptime Institute is recognized globally for the creation and administration of the Tier Standards & Certifications for Data Center Design, Construction, and Operational Sustainability along with its Management & Operations reviews, FORCSS® methodology, and Efficient IT Stamp of Approval.

Uptime Institute ­­– The Global Data Center Authority®, a division of The 451 Group, has office locations in the U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, U.K., Spain, U.A.E., Russia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. 



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