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Issued Tier Certifications

We developed our Tier Certifications over 30 years ago as a way to measure how well a data center can meet the needs of an organization. Since then, these certifications have gained worldwide recognition and provide a mark of excellence unique to high-performing businesses. With organization-specific, component-level and performance-based evaluations and an extremely thorough, unbiased site visit, few programs can match the caliber of assessment offered by Uptime Institute.

Issued Awards Across the World

We have issued over 3,400 certifications in over 114 countries — a testament to the level of global respect that Tier Certification has achieved as an industry standard for design, construction and operations. From rural to urban and everything in between, organizations worldwide see the value of an issued Tier Certification. Check out the map below to see exactly where data center certifications were issued.

Benefits of Certification

If a business has a data center Tier Certification awarded to them, it shows that they have reached a higher level of performance. The data center has been verified as standing up to real-world challenges and reaching the requirements of the organization.
Tier Certification offers many benefits, including:

  • Respect. Show stakeholders and clients that your data center meets rigorous standards and can support the needs of the company, as determined by an unbiased third party.
  • Guidance. Our certification assessments also come with guidance on addressing weak spots, as well as identifying strong points. Use these reports as a roadmap for making improvements and important business decisions.
  • Risk avoidance. A poor data center opens you up to many kinds of risk, but Tier Certification says that an organization's infrastructure is built to minimize risk.
  • Higher efficiency. If your infrastructure is working efficiently, you can save money and reduce downtime. Tier Certification ensures that your system is working smoothly and efficiently and using only the resources necessary.