Tier Certification


Tier Certification of Constructed Facility ensures that your facility has been constructed as designed, and verifies that it is capable of meeting the defined availability requirements. Even the best laid plans can go awry, and common construction phase practices or value engineering proposals can compromise the design intent of a data center. 

With multiple vendors, subcontractors, and typically more than 50 different disciplines involved in any data center project—structural, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, fuel pumps, networking, and more—it would be remarkable if there were no errors or unintended risks introduced during the construction process. Tier Certification of Constructed Facility lets you ensure your facility is built to its intended performance capacity, effectiveness, and reliability. 

Validating Data Center Functionality

The Tier Certification of Constructed Facility process includes live system demonstrations under real-world conditions, validating performance according to your organization’s Tier objective. The award is based on review of multiple mechanical and facility criteria as defined in the Tier Standard: Topology, the globally recognized benchmark for data center reliability and effectiveness. 

Tier Certification of Constructed Facility seamlessly integrates into the project schedule. The process ensures that deficiencies in the design are identified, solved, and tested before you commence operations. When the consequences of failure can be significant—site impact, business cost, and market perception—Tier Certification of Constructed Facility allows you to rest assured knowing there are no unforeseen risks, shortfalls, or weak links in your infrastructure.

Tier Certification of Design Documents is a prerequisite for Tier Certification of Constructed Facility.
Tier Certification of Constructed Facility is a prerequisite for Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability.

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